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Let's Get Acquainted

A little break from our Leprechaun shenanigans!  Ok one story-I actually had to tell one of my students I was the leprechaun because she was so scared!  Her mom emailed me she was scared that a leprechaun got in our room when our door was locked during science lab yesterday.  So, this morning I pulled her aside and reassured her he was not real and I was doing those things.  I told her to NOT tell anyone!  What does she do when she sits down at breakfast-"Hey, you guys! Guess what!?"  OMG I looked at her, gave her "the look" and told her to move away from them.  Ah!!  Close call!

I have seen this SUPER fun linky everywhere!  So why not link up!  My initials are KAK...people do you see two K's!?  K's are the hardest...I had to look up K words for Farley's currently this month!


That is an obvious one!  Hello- Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten

A- Amazing WEATHER

Ok, I wish my name started with an H, W, or S because I LOVE hot, summer weather!  And right now we aren't even having Spring weather!  I need this!

But I have this! Snow and cold!  I think we are supposed to get more! Last year on St. Patty's Day it was like high 70's!  What!?  This year...30's.

K-  Another K!  I like Kemp's Ice Cream!  Alright, I like ANY ice cream but I had to find a K word!  I love peanut butter!  Like give me a spoon and a jar of peanut butter and I am in HEAVEN.  NOW put that in ice cream...mmmm!!  

Now it is your turn!


  1. HEY Kimberly!
    I saw you on the linky party, you were one of the one's in front of me that we were supposed to comment on! So, hello haha! I am glad I found your blog! I am your newest follower - I have a new blog, so if you want, come stop by :)! Sending warm weather vibes your way and mine :)!


  2. I love warm weather too. It was near 80 degrees today! Spring fever! Glad to find your blog!

  3. So fun! K is a hard one. You go girl!


  4. Good job with the K's! Mother Nature is going through menopause this winter! We have had days in the 70's followed by snow! Crazy! I am ready for some steady spring weather too!! It won't be long!!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. We had snow this morning then 40's this afternoon! I know not 70 but warmer!

  5. I had started a post for this linky but then got stuck on some of my initials. Then I got sick. Hoping to link up tomorrow! :)

    1. Omg! I hope you didn't get sick because of the linky! It is harder than you would think! Right!?

  6. I super love ice cream too girl! Yum! I have a K in my name too and it is seriously hard lol I'm going to try to link up soon! Thanks for sharing, I love learning more about my bloggy friends!


    1. K's are so hard! Seriously! You should definitely link up!:)