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SNOW DAY and Blogger by State Linky

Yes, all my wishing and dreaming about a snow day came true this morning!  I will admit I woke up A LOT to check my phone...maybe it was the excitement or the snow removal company removing the snow from our driveways every 3 hours.  I mean really is it necessary in the middle of the night?  I guess our HOA fees are going to good use.  Anyway, at 6 I checked my email to see a School closed today email from our principal...YES!  Of course, I cheered, texted my teacher friends, talked to my teacher friend-cheered, screamed, and cried together (ok we did not cry, but we were excited!)-then got my day started!  There was no way I was falling back to sleep I was WIDE awake by now!  Let me just say it was a very productive day!  I cleaned, did laundry, worked on a new super cute TpT product, and made a yummy dinner for the hubby!

Since, I did not see my kiddos today I don't have a fabulous post filled with great ideas, so I am linking up with 5th in the Middle for her Bloggers by State linky!  I am a Minnesota blogger!  I have only lived here for 2 years otherwise I would of said WISCONSIN blogger!  Go Pack Go!  Everyone NEEDS to link up!  It is so cool to see where everyone is from!!

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  1. Woo hoo for snow days! I'm from Minnesota too and we had a snow day too! :)

  2. Thanks for linking up and posting about it! I had a snow day here in Iowa as well. It's nice now, but I'm sure that I'll change my mind come June!

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. Such a great idea!! Yay for snow days! But I agree in June it might be a different story!