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Learn at Home: Farm

We just wrapped up our farm week and it was a fun filled week!

Grab our lesson plans HERE!  Check out some of the activities we did below!
 Build a Farm:  We used a few things to build our farm!  We had an Amazon box that we decorated and put our farm animals in!
 We also built some pens for our animals using blocks!
 Farm Animal Book Match:  I used the cards from our farm pack for this one!  I put a card on a book, then had a basket of animals.  We would pick an animal then walk over to the books and find the book/card that matched!  Then, we enjoyed a story!
 Fizzy Farm:  One of our favorite activities!  Just add baking soda, vinegar, and farm themed objects!  Create some fizz and play with your farm objects!
 Farm Animal Match:  This was a fun one!  I taped our cards to the door then, we matched picked a card and taped it to the card that matched!
Carrot painting:  We used a carrot as our paintbrush and painted on a piece of paper. 

I then cut them out and made some carrots out of them.

Pig Painting: I gave each kiddo a piece of paper and pink paint.  I had them paint their paper, then I created their pigs by adding eyes, ears, and a nose!

Play Dough Tray:  We made yellow play dough then used some of our farm animals and objects with our play dough.  Play dough trays are easy to create!  Just add different supplies and let your kiddos use the supplies however they want!

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