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Learn to Read: Activity Idea 1

You probably know by now, but I wrote a book!  Learn to Read: Sight Words Storybook!  It launches on May 26th, but you can pre-order it NOW!

I wanted to share some activities that can maximize learning while using this book!  I am going to focus on the first story in the book and give you a fun idea to use while helping your child to read!

Each book focuses on two different sight word.  Each sight word can be found in the book several times.  This is important when learning sight words-repetition!  The stories do get gradually more difficult as you get further in the book.  As you can see, this one is the same sentence repeated throughout, but importantly the pictures are a great way to dig deeper into what the story is about.

After each story, there is a writing activity and a coloring type activity!  This also reinforces the words that were highlighted in that story.

Here is an activity to take it one step further!  Write the sight words from the story on a chalkboard or even on your driveway!  Give your kiddo a fly swatter and call out one of the sight words.  Your child will slap the word with their fly swatter.  Since they are only focusing on two words, they are getting the repetition that they need!

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