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Easter Egg Activities

Only one week until Easter!  If you are looking for some easy Easter egg activities to add to your week, you are in the right spot!

I put together a bunch of Easter egg activities that we have done throughout the past week and hope you can use some of our ideas!

 Easter Egg Stacking:  I wrote numbers on and we stacked the eggs to match the number!  A fun fine motor and STEM activity!

 Easter Egg Water Bin:  I put out our Easter eggs along with some other supplies for this activity!  I let my toddlers put whatever they would like into the water bin.  Once they got a few eggs in, I showed them that they could scoop the water and watch it come out of the holes on the bottom!

 Easter Egg Pom Pom Matching:  I opened up each egg and laid them on the floor.  Then, we took some matching colored pom poms and sorted them into each egg!

 Easter Egg Counting Bears Color Sort:  I put counting bears into each egg.  I put between 1-3 bears in each egg.  My kiddos would open the egg and sort them on the correct color circle.

 We took this activity a step further and made it more of a movement game.  I put out a colored circle spot and we moved around to get our bears on the matching color!

 Color Egg Match: This egg mat is from my Preschool Easter Pack.  It comes with egg cards but we switched out the egg cards for plastic eggs.  We matched each egg to it's color.

Egg Spelling:  This is a fun one to use with any letter or word your kiddos are working on.  I wrote a list of simple words and put the matching letters in the eggs.  We opened the eggs to see what letters we got and spelled the words from our list.  I think this week will will add our name to our list!

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