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Keep Learning with Oriental Trading

I have some really fun activities to share with you that you can use at home to keep your kiddos learning while we all try to get through this distance learning/working from home time!

I partnered with Oriental Trading to bring you some EASY learning ideas you can do at home with your kiddos.  Ideas and activities that they can do to keep them learning AND having fun!

 Write-On/Wipe-Off Math Book:  This is a fun way to keep practicing numbers, shapes, and colors.  Add a dry erase marker to this and you have an activity book that you can use over and over again!

Alpha Pops:  This letter matching toy is a sure way to have some fun while practicing uppercase and lowercase matching!  There are 13 double sided pops with uppercase and lowercase letters!

Jumbo Farm Counters:  I have a few activities to share with you for these!  They are the perfect size
for little hands and can be used for MANY activities! The first activity is to use them and sort!  Here we sorted by color using some sorting mats, but you could sort them without!  You could also sort by animal (put all the cows in a group, all the horses,etc).  This set comes with 30 counters (6 colors and 5 different animals)

Another way to use them is to write a number and show that many counters!  Perfect for counting, number recognition, and one to one correspondence! 

Jumbo Unifix Cubes:  These are your favorite unifix cubes but BIGGER-much bigger!  My son loved them because he has smaller ones at preschool so he knew these were special!  We did roll and stack activity using a dice and the unifix cubes.  You can grab it HERE!  Another fun one, if you don't want to print out the sheet is to just roll the dice and make your stacks.  Also, writing a number and having your kiddos make the stack to match.

ABC Rubber Duckies:  I got these to put in a fun water sensory bin!  Each duck is dressed up or a color that matches the beginning letter (ex. hockey player for h, elephant for e, etc)  I put them in a big container and added a recording sheet.  We picked a duck then colored the letter!

Hot Dots Jr-Beginning Phonics:  This was a fun one!  This pack did NOT come with the pen you need, but we had one from a set of books we already had.  

This is a self correcting game that focused on beginning sounds, rhyming, and ending sounds.  There are dots under the picture that you push the pen on.  If it is correct the dog will light up green and give positive feedback.  If you aren't correct, the dog will light up red and tell you to try again!

Alphabet Dice: These came in uppercase and lowercase letters!  The red dice are the vowels and the blue dice are the consonant letters!  You could take the letter sheet from the duck activity and roll the dice then color the letter.  You could also take two blue and one red dice, roll, and write the word you rolled!

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  1. Hey, Kimberly! I could not download the Roll and Stack sheet or the ABC recording sheet. Could you send those to me? I am so sorry but I still cannot download these. Hope all is going well. We have been out of school since March 16th and are out for the rest of the year. Stay safe and well.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I'll send those over! Everything is going well over here! Trying to learn this new normal! I hope you are staying safe and healthy :)