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Learn at Home: St. Patrick's Day

It has been a few weeks since we shared our at home lesson plans!  These lesson plans are perfect for the month of March.  They include rainbows and St. Patrick's Day activities!

Grab these lessons HERE!

Do A Dot Shamrock: I printed off a shamrock and wrote the little guy's name.  Then we took a Do A Dot marker and dotted to make it appear!  This was really fun because I told him it was a magic shamrock!  This can be done using letters, words, or numbers!

 Pot of Gold Pom Pom Painting: For this one we took a pom pom to paint the "gold".  I started by just giving them a white piece of paper.  Then, they painted wherever they wanted.  Once our gold dried, I cut out and glued a black pot and added some gold glitter!

Dot Marker Rainbow: I drew a rainbow on a piece of paper using each color.  Then, we took our dot markers and dotted each color.  Great color matching activity!  You can make it more of a challenge by drawing your rainbow in black and reviewing the color order of the rainbow!

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