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Theme: Pets

It has been awhile since I've done a theme post!  This past week has been all about pets!

We used the activities in my pets preschool pack!  Check out some of them below!

 Pets Number Order:  We put our numbers in order, then recorded on our our number sheet.  This was a great way to get some number identification in and one more practice!
Rainbow Dogs Color Words:  These rainbow dogs actually have two fun activities to do in one!  For this one, we picked a colored dog and found the word on our recording sheet.  We don't know who to read yet, so I would say "find the word that starts with..." or "what starts with /g/...".  This was a great way to work on beginning sounds and letter recognition. 
 Rainbow Dogs Color Match:  This is the second activity we did.  Here we picked a bone and matched it to the dog.  There is also another recording sheet you can add that has your kiddos tracing each color word.
 Paw Print Patterns:  We took our paw print pattern cards and used our paw print patterns to extend each pattern!  This activity includes paw print tiles to use, but you could use any colored manipulative!  We used these colored paw print manipulatives
2D Cat Shapes:  This is the recording sheet for the 2D shape mats in the pack.  We did a book match using the recording sheet.  I put a shape on a sticky note and put it on a book.  Then, the little man would pick a book and then find the shape on the recording sheet.  We traced each shape.

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