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IKEA Sensory Table

It is no secret we are fans of sensory bins, so it was only time that I find a sensory table that we could use!

Let me tell you, it is AMAZING!  The set up was quick and the best part-it is only $50!  Add the two bins and it is still under $60!
I wanted to share our new bin with you and plan on sharing ideas on how to use sensory bins in the classroom!

Here is the table all set up without the bins that fit right under the cover.  The covers are so nice because when you're not using it, everything can stay inside and you just cover it up!  Then, you can use it for a table!
The bin I made I used dried split peas.  I loved that they had a color we weren't used to compared to our black and white beans.
I found these cute pieces from the Target Dollar Spot!  They are wooden and a perfect filler to engage the imagination!
I set it up to show you what it all looked like when the pieces were in!  How CUTE!?
When I introduced the table and bin, I had the pieces out of the bin.  This let my kiddos decide what they wanted to use and how they wanted to use it!
Here is a quick example of adding a center to a sensory bin.  I added this gingerbread sorting activity into the bin along with the Christmas pieces.  This is a great way to engage the imagination while practicing a skill!

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