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Toddler Tuesday: Pipe Cleaner Drop

I started "Toddler Tuesdays" last year and thought I would bring it back because I know have TWO young toddlers (hello, 2 under 2)!

This activity I actually did with my preschooler first and heard it would be good for the younger two!
I used an empty Go-Pak of Teddy Grahams to create this activity.

I punched holes in the top of the container.  This is where the pipe cleaners will be dropped in.

I had some cut up pipe cleaners, so we used that.  We took the pipe cleaner and dropped them into each hole.  The cup collects and can store them for you.

Perfect on the go activity or just a quick activity to put out while you are making dinner.
It took the girls a few tries to learn how to hold the cup.  It will go flying if it is not held on to, but that was part of learning how to use it.
This is a great fine motor activity and hand eye coordination.

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