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Thanksgiving Activities

I realize it may be your last week before Thanksgiving break!  If it is, maybe you're looking for a few more activities this week OR maybe you still have a couple days next week to make it through before you get to enjoy some good food!

I wanted to share with you the newest sensory bin activities I have created!  These activities would work great in any math center, too!  Adding them to a sensory bin is just a suggestion :)  These are similar to previous bin activities, but a much smaller pack with a focus on colors, shapes, and matching!

 The first activity is a fun color matching activity!  There are several ways to use the cards included.  Here I printed just the colored cards.  We picked a card and colored the turkey.
Most of  the activities come with a black and white version to use.  Just print on colored paper!  

 Here we chose a card and traced the shape we picked.  There is also a coloring recording shape too.

 The last activity is a matching activity!  Very simple!  Just pick a card and color the picture you picked.
I put the cards in upside down to make it more engaging without knowing which card you were going to pick.
Add a writing component to it and have your kiddos write a sentence or story using the card that they picked!

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