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Emergency Sub Plans

We have all been there!  We wake up too sick or our kids wake up sick!  Scrambling to get your sub plans done is not fun, but I have something that will make it 100 times better!

When I was pregnant with my twins, I was at appointments every other week and sometimes every week!  I had to write a TON of sub plans. 

I took the template I created and made a FULL day worth of sub plans-notes for YOU to know how to set everything up, a lesson plan for the sub to follow, and activity pages for each lesson.

I have also included some editable forms that you can have prepped and ready, so you can just add things like your schedule, classroom procedures, etc. right to the top of you plans.

I wanted to show you some of the things that are included and explain how to set up the day.
The first activity is an emergent reader book.  Your sub will read it to the class, the class will copy, and then the class will read all together.  All these instructions are in the lesson plan.   Once the class has read through the book, they will go back and work on the pages.  The book is traceable.  After they trace they can color each picture. 

The reading lesson will focus on a book, any book will work.  There are general activities for the Fall pack like draw the characters or setting. 

Some subjects include 2-3 activities that you can choose from.  For writing, you can have your kiddos do a sentence builder or a writing prompt.  Of course you can always leave both activities to fill up extra time in the day. 

 I have included a sight word lesson, too!  You can leave notes about your routines or just complete the activity pages in this pack. 

The one thing that is included on every lesson plan is a blank line for you to write in additional notes.  All classrooms are different, so having a spot to add in more details is key!
I have included 3 different lessons for math.  Each lesson starts with a number talk.  I have included a picture and discussion questions in the lesson for the sub. 

Then, you will choose which lesson will fit your kiddos needs the best Number 1-10, patterns, or addition.

 For science/social studies, there is a STEM type activity that will include building things, so you can leave out your building materials (blocks, etc) for your kiddos to use.  OR I have made fact puzzles with different facts written on them.  Your kiddos will cut out each piece and glue them onto a piece of construction paper.

 These sub plans are very detailed and shouldn't leave your sub guessing "What should I do next?".  One thing I always have on hand is a bin with all these activities and lesson plans ready to go.  That way if I can't make into school last minute the bin is right there ready to go!

Grab the FALL plans HERE!  Grab the GOLDILOCKS plans HERE!


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