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Sensory Bin with Activities for Easter

 Have you ever wanted to do sensory bins with your little kids but didn't really know what to do? You know to pick a filler and throw in a few scoops, but what next?  I wanted to share with you the COMPLETE sensory bin.  When I say complete, I mean that you have an entire sensory bin (all the filler, scoops, and toys) + ACTIVITIES to do with them!

My friend Becky from Nanny Meets Mommy created this sensory bin for us and I have to say she thought of it all!  The box has everything you need to keep your little ones busy.

I really like that she included additional activities and also a sheet with ways your kids can play with the sensory bin.  Sometimes kids don't want to just scoop and pour.  There are so many ideas that your kiddo will love.

The sensory bin includes dyed rice, dyed chickpeas, a scoop, and different Easter themed objects (basket, chick, bunnies, carrots, and eggs).

Your kiddos can have fun scooping and pouring or pull out one of the activities for them to do!  This "Fill the Basket" had us finding the colored chickpeas and matching them to the colored baskets. She also included a dry erase marker, so you can write how many of each color they found, too!

I liked this one because we could use all the supplies to decorate our Easter egg.  This is the perfect activity to practice that fine motor, too!

There is even a game!! This is played like memory.  We used the eggs to cover the objects then took turns finding the matching object. If you're looking for a fun gift for Easter, I would check out her shop and grab something for your kids.  You will NOT be disappointed :)

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