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Spring Break Must Haves

 It is Wednesday and I am sharing some products that are a must have when traveling for spring break!

I love each of these products because they are made with the cleanest ingredients and they are easy to travel with!

Collagen Infused Sunless Tanner

Sunlesss tanner is one you might not need to bring on vacation BUT it will be so key to use before vacation!  I love this one because it is infused with collagen which will help your skin stay hydrated.  Sunless tanner can be drying but the infused collagen will help that! I blogged more about it here!


These come in individual packets that can be mixed into water.  They are filled with minerals that will support metabolism, enhance energy, and increase hydration.  They have a fruity taste and are delicious! One of the main ingredients in this drink mix is shilajit and it has SO MANY health benefits! It doesn't just boost your energy but can help with aging and MORE!

Biocell Life Chews

These are perfect for on the go! Our liquid collagen needs to be refrigerated after opening so it is hard to travel with.  These chews are the next best thing.  Just throw these in your suitcase and you will get all the collagen benefits while away!

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