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Preschool Writing

Let's talk preschool writing!  I'm talking pencil grip and tracing practice.  One thing my son is working on in preschool is how to hold  pencil correctly.

Even in kindergarten we are practicing this exact skill!

Most of the time writing can cause for frustration, both teacher and student.  I recently was sent these AMAZING pencil grips and we are getting through our tracing!  Frustration-free!

We tested them out on my Preschool Pages pack.

These are tracing sheets made for preschoolers, meaning they are a little bigger than most tracing sheets!

The thing I like about these grips are that they are made for preschool hands!  They were designed to put those cute little fingers in the correct spot to write.

If you click HERE, you can see all the different types of grips they have for you.

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