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New Year's Play Dough Tray

I have a fun play dough tray for you to use!  I say New Year's, but it could really be used anytime.  I had a lot of star shaped things and thought New Year's!

I made some bright glitter play dough-which was not as amazing as I was hoping, so it only lasted the day we played with this tray.

I added some start cookie cutters, star mini erasers, and count down star sticks!  These are free HERE!  I taped each number to a craft stick to stick into small balls of play dough.

We put our numbers in order and counted backwards!  Just like we do on New Year's Eve!

The little girls pushed the mini erasers into the play dough-which was the perfect fine motor activity for their little hands!

Let me know if you try out this ADORABLE play dough tray with your little ones!  If you're looking for more New Year's ideas, click HERE!

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