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Roll and WRITE!

I hope everyone survived their first day back!  The kiddos were so happy to be back!  I had one convinced if he didn't get in his bus line his mom would come pick him up...My kiddos love when I announce they are a pickup after school!

Today, we did a fabulous activity from my Let it Snow pack!  I was always nervous to do anything involving dice with my kiddos.  I mean kindergartners plus dice, in my mind means CHAOS.  I need to realize my classroom management is better than that.  I am glad I got over my fear of dice last year and realize how much my kiddos LOVE using them!  For this activity, instead of rolling and coloring the kiddos TRACE the number word.  It is awesome practice for recognizing those words and for the little ones who struggled with this in my class would just count the lines of words to figure out which number word matched which number...so smart!

Don't forget Cyber Monday and Tuesday on TpT!!

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