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Monday Made It

Happy Monday!!  Weekends go by way too fast!  Check out some activities I have made that my kiddos are just loving!!

I traced each color word on the appropriate color, cut them out, and laminated.  During Daily 5, my kiddos who are working in Word Work sort the letters by color and then spell out the color word!

We used our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree to introduce new letters. Once we learned the letter we added it to our tree! My kiddos felt so special when it was their turn to add a letter to the tree!

My pencil jars need a major makeover!  I bought these cute pails at Target (of course) and made the labels to tape on!  The kids were so excited to get their new containers   Its the small things in life that put a smile on their face...and mine too! :)

I bought these cubes at the Dollar Tree along with the container.  I wrote the same letter on each side of the cubes.  I also made some cubes that had a different letter on each side to use as a letter dice!  Every week the kiddos pick a letter and tell the class a word that starts with that object.  I also color coded a set by making all vowels red.  Eventually, we will be picking letters and making words with them!

My kiddos are loving all these Thanksgiving themed worksheets!!

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