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Dotter Patterns~ FREEBIE

We are in our pattern unit for math right now and my kinders are starting to get it!  Today, we created and labeled patterns, and I was amazed at how many of my kiddos could tell me what kind of pattern they made!
During our math workshop, we are making patterns with anything we can find!  I added a fun center using everyone's favorite thing-DOTTERS, DAUBERS, DABBERS (whatever you like to call them)!

I let them decide what kind of patterns they wanted to make.  I only had ONE kiddo get dotter crazy and not make patterns...there is always one :)
I made my way around to each of the centers to ask them what kind of pattern they made.  

Want a copy!?  Click HERE or click on the picture below!  If you don't have dotters, you can use crayons, stickers, foam pieces...really the possibilities are endless!
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