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Counting Leaves~Math Activity FREEBIE

Fall is here which means cooler temps and changing leaves!  However, we are in some weird heat wave so our "cooler weather" right now is actually 85 degrees...
I bought some foam leaf stickers from the Dollar Tree last year and did a fun word problem activity.  Now that I am back in kinder I was on a hunt for those leaves again and SURPRISE they were back at the Dollar Tree!
Here is what we did with them!  Each kiddo got their own tree to color.
Once they had their tree all colored I gave them a random amount of leaves.  
They stuck the leaves wherever they wanted on or around their tree.
When they were done they traced the bottom sentence and filled in the blank with the number of leaves they were given.
They LOVED this project and it was great counting practice!  If you want a copy of this page click HERE!

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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love this activity! So will the kids. I am off to the Dollar Tree today, as you can imagine! :)
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