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Five for Friday on Saturday...again...

It officially feels like fall!  Check out our week!

We were getting tired of tracing our names in our writing center, so I added some ABC tracers and dry erase markers!  All of a sudden tracing is fun again!  These sheets are from my Kindergarten at Last pack!

In math we took our cubes and made patterns.  We made repeating and non repeating patterns.  Once we were done with making them we sorted them!

We LOVE our sight word time!  We use Megan Wheeler's Sight Word Chant cards to spell and say our sight word.  Then, we complete this sheet from my Dolch Sight Word Bundle.  However, whenever I ask my kids what this word is they say m-y, MY...

I got my classroom iPads Thursday!  Yay!  I can't wait to show you one of my favorite new apps!  Blog post coming soon... ;)  (The suspense is killing you, I know)
One of my little ones brought in a pencil box filled with grass and GRASSHOPPERS!  I made sure we kept that box in his locker and that he brought it home at the end of the day...  The last thing I wanted was that box to fall on the floor and grasshoppers to be jumping around everywhere...oh kindergarten :)
Hope everyone had a great week!  The hubby and I are off to wedding number 8 of the summer! 


  1. I am surprised not one kid had to take a peek at them and LET THEM ALL LOOSE. LUCKY YOU! Have a good weekend! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  2. Oh my, grasshoppers! I am not super squeamish, but that is one insect I am not super fond of...lol. Good thing they all stayed in the box. What was his mother thinking?? Congrats on the iPads. How fun, I AM looking forward to your coming post, I have iPads and am always on the lookout for more ways to incorporate them into our learning.

    Luv My Kinders

  3. ick...I don't like grasshoppers...you never know which way they are going to jump! lol