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Throwback Thursday!

It is HOT!  I LOVE it!!  I am linking up with Cara for Throwback Thursday!  I picked my throwback post because it was a FUN family project that the kiddos absolutely LOVED!  I totally love at the end of this throwback post where it says "Stay Warm"...oh we are! :)
*****This is from January 22nd, 2013***
Today my kiddos' unit projects were due for our animal unit in Language Arts!  At the beginning, of every unit we have a project due at the end of our unit!  It is a great way for the parents to get involve and help their little ones with a fun project!  This unit each kiddo had to make a diorama of a zoo animal!  The first thing we did was set them all out and took a walk through our "zoo"!  My kinders just LOVED this!  It let them see what everyone did and let the kids show off their work!  After our trip to the zoo, each kiddo got to present their diorama!  They LOVE presenting their work, so it was a fun part of our day! :) Check out  a few of the cute projects!  They did great!

The light blue border in this diorama is supposed to represent the waves!  So clever!:)

Stay warm!! :)