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Math Games!

One week from today the hubby and I will be laying on the beach in MEXICO!  Can't wait!  Until then I have one more week of summer school.  It should be a fun week because it is all about Pinkalicious and baking!  I'm nervous.  I hope the treats turn out...
Anyway, I want to share some math games I played this summer with my kiddos!  I tried to do play games that they could also play at home if they wanted to!
We took a deck of cards minus face cards and made a game board.  On your turn you roll the dice and add the card number and the dice number.  Your correct answer is how many spaces you move.

I was super obsessed with games that involved hiding cards around the room and the kiddos finding them.  For this game, I hid the answers to the math problems.  After, I asked a question everyone scattered and tried to find the answer.  If they answered correctly, they kept their card.  We didn't really play most cards was the winner.  We just had fun finding and keeping them :)
This one was a HUGE hit with my group of kids going into 3rd and 4th.  I started and made a diagram of the 16 circles on paper.  Then, I created a maze on how to get from one end to the other and numbered them with 1 being the start.  Each kiddo took a turn and would start where they thought number 1 was.  If they were right they would guess where number 2 was.  If they were right they keep going to the next number until they are at the end of maze.  If they get a step wrong, the next person in line starts at 1 and tries to make it through.  It ended up being like memory, because if you were paying attention you would know where to go until a certain number, but if you weren't...uh oh!

If you made it to the end of the maze you got to make up the next maze.  I found lots of other fun games at education.com! :)

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