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Winter Color Word Activities for Preschool

 I am sharing three activities to try with just one of the activities from my Winter Sensory Bin Activities Pack! I love it when I can use one activity in more than one way because it extends my kid's learning and if they are loving it, why would we stop after doing it just once! I am focusing on a color match activity and wanted to show you how you can use it!

Matching Colors to Color Mat

This is a great one to work on recognizing and identifying colors.  This is perfect for younger preschoolers.  They can pick a card, say the color, and find the color on the color mat.

Pick and Color

This is a simple color matching with a blank recording sheet.  Your preschooler picks a snowman card and colors any snowman on the paper.  Another way to work on identifying colors. I put the cards in a sensory bin to add more sensory learning to it. I used chick peas here but here is another great idea!

Read and Color

This is work on reading the color words on each card.  This is perfect for older preschoolers. They will start to understand that the letters on the bottom are words.  They will read the word then try to find the matching color word on their paper.

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