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Preschool Princess Activities

 I have two princess loving little girls at home so making preschool princess activities was always on my list of things to make.  I wanted to share two of those activities with your right now!

Preschool Princess Activities: 2D Magical Wands

The first one is a 2D shape magical wand activity.  This one comes with 2D shape magical wand cards and 2D crown mats that you can sort each wand to.  We picked a wand, identified the shape, and then traced/colored the recording sheet.

Preschool Princess Activities: Ten Frame and Number Match

This one you can use with just the number cards, ten frame cards, or use with both of them.  We counted our ten frame card, then found the number card in our sensory bin.  Finally, we traced the number we got.  Another way you can use this would be to pick a ten frame card and trace the number to match the amount.  If your preschooler isn't quite at counting and identifying numbers, they can pick a number and trace the number they get.

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