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Wellness Wednesday: Powder Collagen vs Liquid Collagen

 I want a place on my blog that has tips and info on stuff outside of kids' activities.  I think this "Wellness Wednesday" will be just the spot!

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You have probably heard at one point or another someone talking about taking collagen to promote better skin, joints, stronger bones, and overall health. We lose collagen as we age, so supplementing it is key. You might have seen that there are different kinds of collagen, too!

I have always heard about powder collagen.  I am sure you know the one in the blue and white container.  I always felt those never mixed well and I have been learning a lot more about powder collagen vs liquid collagen. There is a difference!

I found a liquid form and found that the benefits of liquid collagen were greater in the sense that liquid collagen is already hydrolyzed meaning the larger proteins have already been broken down.  This will make it easier to absorb. 

I am sure you are wondering about the taste.  I was, too!  I am happy to report that it tastes like apple juice.  I am currently using SKIN which is going to have a bigger focus on benefit aging skin.  Modere offers a variety of collagen, so you are sure to find the right one fore you!

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