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Skipping Hearts: Gross Motor Activity

I have been trying to add more gross motor activities every week.  We can't always get outside, so it is nice to have things to do inside!

One activity we just did had us skipping AND sorting!

I made this sensory bin out of dyed chick peas and erasers.  I dyed the chick peas using tempera paint!  I put the chick peas into the bag, added paint (a few good squirts), and shook it all up!

We took these giant foam hearts and placed them on one side of our room.  Our sensory bin was on the other side of the room.  We picked out a heart eraser and skipped it to the matching color heart!
We did this back and forth until all the erasers were sorted out!  We had all the hearts on one side, but you could scatter the hearts all around and skip around to get to that color.

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