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Learn at Home: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is this Friday! If you are looking for a few more activities to add to your week, read on!

Grab this week's lesson plans by clicking HERE!

Number Match Run: We used our number and ten frame number cards to do this activity.  I placed the number cards on one side of the room and our ten frame cards on the other side.  We picked a ten frame card, counted, and ran over to the number cards to match!

Heart Name Letter Trace: I printed out hearts with traceable letters in each one.  We traced the letters than spelled our name.  Looking for traceable heart letters?  Click HERE!

Jumping Hearts: We used our traceable hearts and placed them around in a small circle.  I called out a letter and they would jump to that letter.  We used uppercase and lowercase letters, so I would sometimes identify the letter by uppercase and lowercase.

Puffy Heart: We made more puffy paint out of shaving cream and used it to paint a heart.  Then, we took sequence and jewels to decorate it!

Love Rocket Ship: If you saw my post on Instagram, you saw that I posted some amazing crafts from Oriental Trading Company.  One that was a huge hit here were these cute rocket ships! All directions and materials come individually wrapped!

Heart Hopscotch: We took some giant foam hearts and put them on the ground to make a "hopscotch".  Our hopscotch looked more like a straight line, but we got some great gross motor practice jumping to each heart.

Heart Wreath:  We took these foam heart wreaths and colored on them using markers.  We added a ribbon so we could hang them around the house!

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