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Learn at Home: Penguins

I am back to share with you our penguin week!  Grab the lesson plans HERE!

 Shaving Cream Paint/Pom Pom Painting: We made shaving cream paint and used it to paint the belly of our penguin!  We made out paint by using equal parts glue and shaving cream.  Another way to make this penguin is to use a pom pom and dip it into your white paint!  Then, stamp it all around to create your penguin!

 Belly Slide: We did two different activities with this one!  First, I set up our penguin shape sensory bin!  I put the bin on one side with all the shape cards in it. Then, I put the sorting mats on the other side.  We ran to our sensory bin, then belly slid to it!  Grabbed a shape then ran back to sort our shapes!

 Penguin Waddle w/ Balloon: Another way to do this activity is to do a penguin waddle!  Take a balloon and waddle to get a card to sort!

 Letter P Sticker Butcher Paper: I drew a giant letter P on a piece of butcher paper!  Then, we took some penguin stickers and traced the outline of our big letter P!

 Penguin Letter/Number Trace Cards: These cute penguin tracing cards are from the Preschool Pack: Penguins pack!  We picked a letter and traced each one!


Penguin Shapes: We made these adorable 2D penguin shapes!  I cut out each piece and they we sorted which shape goes together and put our penguins together!

Play Dough: We made some white play dough for a previous week, so we pulled that out and played with our penguins!  We pretended it was ice and let our penguins waddle around on it!

Frozen Pom Poms: This one is easy to do!  Just soak pom poms in water then throw them in the freezer!  You have a fun cold sensory bin!  Add warm water and eye droppers to try and melt the ice off the pom poms!

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