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Learn at Home: Dental Health

We had lots of fun with this dental health theme!

Grab the lesson plans HERE!
Check out some of the activities we did!

 Make a Toothbrush: I cut a long rectangle out of red and smaller rectangles out of white!  I wrote numbers 1-5 on the white rectangles.  Then, we counted backward and glued the bristles to the toothbrush!  Finally, we decorated our toothbrush!

 Flossing: I put small pieces of play dough in the cracks of a big block.  We took yarn to practice "flossing" those pieces out!

 Marshmallow Mouth: I cut out a long oval out of red paper.  Then, we glued our marshmallows on it to make it look like a mouth of teeth!

 Tooth Fairy Wand: I used a template for this BUT cut out a skinny rectangle and a star to make something similar!  Decorate using sparkly paint!

Roll and Brush: I took the template from our shaving cream brushing to do this one!  I laminated it and wrote numbers on it!  Then, we rolled our dice and used our toothbrush to brush away the number we rolled!

Cotton Ball Tooth: Take a tooth template and decorate it using cotton balls!
 Free Art-Decorate a Tooth: This one I gave each kiddo a blank tooth and they got to use whatever supplies they wanted to decorate it!  A great open ended art activity!

Tooth Hop: This has the same idea as our Jumping Hearts that we did last week, but instead of using hearts use the tooth letter cards!


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