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Snowmen and Marshmallows

ONE MORE DAY!!  That is all that is separating me and a fabulous two week break filled with family time, one of my BFF's wedding, and a trip to D.C.!!  Today was a painting kind of day!  I am so bad and hadn't started parent gifts until today, but OMG did they turn out so cute!!  We made wreaths using paper plates and tissue paper.  I know you have seen them before!  I glued each kiddos picture to the middle and we will add a ribbon and ta-da an ornament!  I don't have pics due to all the kiddos pictures on them, but we did make another cute project!  I can't take any credit because I found it on Pinterest, but it was just on a whim that I found it again ( I totally forgot I pinned it).  You can find it here!

I typed up the adorable poem and painted everyone's hand!  Lots of giggles because it tickled everyone's hands!

They did such a good job decorating and cannot wait to take them home tomorrow!
After  a day of painting I had my kiddos do a graphing activity using these:

Of course their favorite part was eating them!  They did such a good job! :)  I hope everyone has a fabulous last day of school before break!  If you are all done, then enjoy! :)

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