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Gummy Worm Lab

Let me set the scene-I tell my kiddos we are going to do a science lab!  They start asking questions- "Are we going to the science lab upstairs?" We are a science based school so we have a science lab with a teacher who teaches our kids experiments every couple of weeks!  But we were not heading up to the science lab we were going to do our lab right in our classroom!  I told them it involved worms!  The reactions started coming- "Oh, no I am NOT touching a worm!" "EW!"  I finally show them what we would be using and hold up a bag of GUMMY WORMS!  They instantly wanted to touch them AND eat them! ;)  We did our experiment as a class and discovered things about worms, but in a fun way where we didn't have to touch worms!  Check out our pictures from the experiment! :)
We drew our worm (some traced...so cute), measured it, drew its skin, counted it's segments, and finally ATE IT!  Their favorite part! :)

After our lab, I told my kinders to go home and tell their parents they ate a worm at school!  They thought it was hilarious!
P.S. Pink Sparkles (the fish) is still ALIVE! Yess!

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