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Pink Sparkles and Colorful Snowmen

Today we welcomed someone new to our class!!  Let me present to you the newest member of room 32...Pink Sparkles!

He is our new class pet.  I am crossing my fingers my little friend stays alive all year because I will have a room of heartbroken 5 year olds!  Of course the little ones decided on the name!  Our list went from Glen to Nay Nay to Batman and so on, but we all agreed Pink Sparkles fit him best!  We did a fabulous activity that had us writing and drawing our new little friend!  Check it out!

Our whole day probably could of been filled with us obsessing over Pink Sparkles, but we did do some winter related activities!  My kiddos were loving this mini book "Snowman Colors".  You can find it here!

We can't wait to transfer our little friend into his "new home" tomorrow! Let's hope he likes it...


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    1. Thanks!! Hahaha I know I was giggling inside when one of my little girls said that one.