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Rainbow Mermaid Tails: Mermaid Activities for Preschool

My girls are obsessed with mermaids, so we are doing all the mermaid activities this week.  I wanted to share a fun butcher paper activity to try with dot markers.

Supplies for Mermaid Activity


Butcher Paper

Dot Markers

I drew mermaid tails all over the butcher paper.  Then, I wrote a color word by each tail.

I had them look at each dot marker and match the color word to the mermaid tail. This was a great way to look at letters and recognize this one.  They don't know how to read each word, but they were still able to do this activity.

After they matched each dot maker to the mermaid tail, I had them dot them to fill in each tail.

Here is one more color matching activity to try!  Your preschooler will match the color on the shell and then color the shell on their recording sheet.  If they can already read color words, have them color each shell then check with the cards.

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