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Valentine's Day Centers for Kindergarten

 Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have a few Valentine's Day centers for kindergarten! The idea around these centers is to put them in a small box or pouch and have them available for centers OR early finishers.  There aren't any recording sheets, so just add a marker or manipulatives and GO!

Valentine's Day Tally Marks

Add a marker and have your kindergartners count the tallies and write the number.  For added practice, you could add in mini erasers and count out the number to match.  For kiddos who need a little challenge, have them pick two cards and add!  Have them show their answer using the mini erasers!

Counting Candy Hearts

This is another one that just needs a marker.  Have your kindergartners count the candy hearts and write the number.  Like the one above, add mini erasers and have them match the number of candy hearts!
I have 4 other easy prep centers that you can find HERE!

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