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Wellness Wednesday: Phytonutrients

I am so excited to share about these this week!  These phytos pack all the fruits and vegetables you might be missing in your daily diet.
Even when we think that we are getting enough fruits and vegetables we definitely aren't!  Even the quality of those foods isn't always giving us all the nutrients that we need. These powders will give you lots of bioavailable nutrients which means these nutrients will easily be absorbed into the body. Each powder has different health benefits, too!


These will include 7 different fruits and vegetables.  It will support digestive and joint health. This one includes ginger and turmeric to aid in that digestive health.  Also, has mango and coconut which gives it a sweet taste.



I have to speak highly of this one.  I have tried a few different greens and this one does not leave that powdery feeling in your mouth after mixing it.  They all mix so well in water and taste great. The phytogreens include 27 fruits and vegetables!  Think all your green veggies + green fruits like limes and limes! Greens also help with digestive health and energy levels.  


This one is my favorite!  The taste is AMAZING and will include all your heart healthy nutrients.  This one includes 10 fruit and vegetables. Think red! Like raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and beets!  This will support your active lifestyle and provide the energy you need.

All three powders will support your immune health, too! All links will give you $10 off your first order!


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