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Dental Health Letter Review Activity

 I have a dental health letter review activity for your preschooler!  I like this one because you will be writing the letters so you can choose letters you want your preschooler to practice or you can even review shapes or numbers.

I laminated this tooth paper and wrote uppercase letters all around the tooth for this letter review.  Like I said above you could write shapes or numbers, too!

Next, I laid out uppercase letters.  I spaced them out so we had to move to grab one.  These letters I found at Target, but you could use any letters you have. 

Once your preschooler picks a letter have them identify it (or you identify it and have them repeat), find it on their tooth, and use a toothbrush to erase it.  Having a toothbrush to erase each letter was a huge engagement piece! Who doesn't want to use a toothbrush in a different way!?

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