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Christmas Craft for Kids


Looking for a Christmas craft for your kids to make for someone special? We made the cutest ornaments and they were so easy!  

Christmas Craft Supplies:

You only need a few supplies that you might even have laying around.  To make this Christmas craft we put beads and paper straws on a pipe cleaner.

How to make Christmas Craft:

We bent the pipe cleaner into a circle. Then, tied a ribbon on top!

Helpful Tips and Learning

I cut the straws before putting out our supplies, but you could have your kids cut them.  I love how this Christmas craft really helped with their fine motor, too!

Perfect Gifts for Family

These ornaments are perfect for your kids to make for family members.  I think any homemade craft is perfect because no matter how it turns out your family will LOVE it. Making ornaments is always our go-to gift!
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