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Christmas Ornament Ideas

I have a cute idea for parent gifts or gifts to grandparents!

I've seen a lot of different ideas for DIY ornaments and I liked this one because the kiddos could get involved! 

I grabbed the supplies from Dollar Tree!  We used the big clear ornaments, garland, pip cleaners, bows, and shredded paper.

We took those supplies and stuffed them into our ornament.  This was a great fine motor activity and also gave the kiddos a part in making the ornament (compared to me just painting their hand, etc.)

After we had stuffed the ornament, I made a brown thumbprint on the ornament.

Once those had dried, I drew on antlers and used red paint for a nose! Voila!  We have a cute thumbprint reindeer! 

I used a piece of the garland to make a loop, so they can be hung on the tree!  They turned out adorable and were super easy to make!  You could just stuff them or add the fingerprints!  They both were created with lots of LOVE:)

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