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Guest Post: Holiday Party Activity Ideas for Older Kids

If you're looking for some fun activities for your holiday dinners, check out this guest post from FTD!
Now that the holidays are here, festive dinners and parties are right around the corner! While these events are great for catching up with loved ones what often happens is a whole lot of hard work. Because you want your guests to enjoy themselves, these events can take a lot of preparation especially if little ones will be in attendance.
This holiday, make hosting a little easier by offering some simple and fun activities for the kids to enjoy!

Entertaining Older Kids During Holiday Parties

Kids of all ages need to be entertained at holiday parties, however, putting on a Christmas movie for the older kids sometimes won’t cut it. To make sure your not so little ones are having as much fun as you, utilize a little of your set-up time for creating activity stations! Depending on how many children will be in attendance and what level of craft they can create customize a few of my ideas to fit your holiday party! 

Treat your kids to these fun ideas that will encourage them to socialize with others, use their motor skills and maybe get a little creative. 

Decoration Stations

Stake out a few tables to serve as decoration stations. You can have one child be the “time master” and monitor an allotted time for everyone to work on a holiday-themed craft like Christmas tree decorating or a gingerbread themed activity. When the time’s up they can switch to another craft and meet new friends on the way. The kids will have a blast and can race to see who gets their craft completed first!

Kids-Only Room 

Turn a spare room or space into a kids-only room for the night. You can put down plastic or newspaper and create a craft area filled with materials for kiddos to play. This will give them their own space to chat and collaborate on art pieces you’ll be adding to the fridge for sure! Add in a few Christmas matching activities to have them practice their spelling and sensory skills as well!

Santa Scavenger Hunt

For older kids, scavenger hunts are always a good way to incorporate problem-solving into playtime. Give them clues to search the house and encourage them to use teamwork to uncover the hidden treasure. Incentivize them with small prizes like bell necklaces or Santa hats!

Kids’ Table

Don’t let the fun end at dinnertime! Set-up a kids’ table that includes an interactive holiday activity book at their place setting to keep them entertained even after they finish eating. The kid’s table is a holiday tradition for many families and acts as a memorable moment for little ones to socialize with others! Encourage them to share colors and holiday stories! 

Interested in how you can get your hands on your own printable kid’s table activity book? FTD created an adorable printable activity book that includes 11 fun activities for kids of all ages. 

How to Make the Activity Books for the Kids’ Table

Follow the instructions below to download the book and get crafting! 


  • White paper - use cardstock for the best results!
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils 


Download the activity book and print the pages double-sided on cardstock for the best results. Cardstock will allow little ones to have a harder surface and texture to work off. Stack the sheets on top of each other in order, so that the cover of the booklet is on the bottom and the snowflake coloring sheet is on top, then fold the sheets in half. Poke two holes through the pages on the fold, about three inches apart. String twine or ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.
For some extra Christmas fun, let the kids choose what festive embellishments they want to add to their activity book like jingle bells or ribbon. Place each one of these booklets by each child’s place setting for a fun keepsake they can take home or continue on another day! 

Whether you are attending a holiday party or throwing your own, bring this activity book along to ensure your child is having as much fun as you are! You’ll thank me later when you see the smile on their face once they finish their creation or squeal when they discover their reindeer name! 

Happy crafting!

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