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5 Turkey Activities for Kids

We are getting closer to Thanksgiving and I wanted to share 5 fun turkey themed activities you can do with your kiddos this week or next!

This one we did using pom poms to paint!  I matched our pom poms to the paint color and we painted our turkeys by pinching the pom pom to stamp.  This was a great fine motor activity and also a great color review! Grab this sheet HERE!
Here we took the turkey feathers and spelled out our name!  We didn't glue them down so we could do this matching activity a few times, but it would be cute to glue and hang up!
One of our favorite activities!  We take a balloon and tap the color!  I would call out a color and they would tap it with their balloon or we would tap one and I would say the color. Grab color mats HERE!
Handprint turkeys!  This would make a great keepsake!  I traced their hands then glued them behind the turkey like feathers.
This was a fun one!  We painted using a fork! We did something similar a couple years ago, but this year we painted on a coffee filter!  It is the perfect shape and easy to just glue a turkey body on top! If you're looking for more Thanksgiving activities, click HERE or HERE


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