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Donut Activities

It has been awhile, but I am back to share some of our donut themed activities we did last week!
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Here are a few extra activities we did that were a HUGE hit!

I made this worksheet to be used with dot markers, stickers, etc!  Anything that can represent sprinkles!  We focused on the colors of our sprinkles.  Of course we did rainbow, so we wrote the word "rainbow" on the line.  I saw someone else do this and they counted how many sprinkles they made and wrote the number!  Either way both ideas are great! Grab this sheet HERE!

 Another color matching activity!  This one I drew rainbow colored donuts on the paper.  Then, we used our dot markers to make matching sprinkles!

Sprinkle drop!  This was a fun one!  We took a handful of pom poms and dropped them onto our donut.  Then, we counted how many sprinkles were on our donut and how many were off.  We recorded the number on the sheet.  You could also use the sheet by itself and use a handful of smaller pom poms and drop from a shorter distance and record.  Grab that sheet HERE!

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