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Toddler Tuesday: Gross Motor

Happy Tuesday!

I am participating in a fun summer activity series on Instagram and this week was beach week!  Each day someone posts an activity to try at home and today was my day to share a gross motor activity!

I wrote numbers, letters, and shapes on a beach ball for my son and I to play! When my son caught it he would say the letter, number, or shape that his hands were covering. I did this activity before with my classes and they LOVED it!  If you want to see how to do it in a classroom setting click HERE

 We took turns throwing it to the twins so they could get some gross motor practice, too.  For the girls, we let them throw it or kick it!  When my son or I caught it, we would show everyone what our hands were covering!  That way everyone was getting a little learning in!

 This was a great way to practice hand eye coordination, too!  The ball is big enough that they can usually kick it each time they try!

We would call out the person we were throwing it to, also!  This made us think about where to position our bodies so the ball would get to them.  This was a huge hit and the beach ball was under a dollar!  I've fount them at Target and Walmart!

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