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Chicken Day

Yep!  You heard that right-Chicken Day!  This week I am letting my son tell me what he wants to learn about.  He chose chickens.  I spent last night coming up with some chicken themed activities!

We started the morning doing this color sheet.  We colored the chicken then colored the bucket of food to match what the chicken was going to eat and what we were going to write on the line.  I sounded out each sound in the word blueberries and he wrote the letters that he heard! Grab it HERE!

Next, we did a chicken themed roll and cover!  I found these colored chips from Dollar Tree! Grab it HERE!

After, we did a fun gross motor game that my friend recommended!  I made a "road" and put letters on one side of the road.  My son would say, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and I would say, "To get the letter___!".  He would cross the "road" and find the letter that I called out.

Finally, we did a fine motor activity!  I created a ten frame with food bucket number cards.  We picked a number card and then used a tweezers to fill in our ten frame using pom poms.  Grab it HERE!

We used the time to also talk about the life cycle of a chicken and talk about ways we use chicken eggs!  I wonder what theme he will pick tomorrow!

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