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I am linking up with Farley for her Currently linky!
Listening:  I like NEVER watch, but when I find an episode is on I can't help but watch and pretend I know what is going on!
Loving: We got our tree yesterday and it smells soo good!! :)
Thinking:  I can't believe there are only 3 more weeks until Winter Break!!  Crazy!  I love this time of year!
Wanting:  All the neighbors have their light up, but I just like my warm house and the hubby doesn't care either way!
Needing:  There is a WONDERFUL fundraiser taking place on TpT for the people impacted by the tornadoes in Illinois 
This fundraiser is huge due to SO many bloggers being so generous and donating products.  Click on the picture to check out ALL the bundles which will be available until December 31st!  I donated my Let is Snow pack to the winter bundle!  
Favorite Tradition:  EVERY Christmas Eve my whole family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) go to the Candlelight service at my grandpa's church.  It is something we do every year.  Towards the end of the service everyone lights their candle and they turn the lights off and everyone sings Silent Night!  However, there was one year a few years ago that they did NOT have candles...but they still turned all the lights off?  Someone messed up that year and I still remember :)

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  1. I found you on Farley's Currently linky. Love your tradition. Ours was the same for many years. Just our immediate family. Now it's traveling to Michigan or Iowa to celebrate with family. Soooo nice to be around family on the holidays.


    1. I agree! I love the holidays because of all the family time! :) Thanks for stopping by!