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13 in 13 Linky Party

It has been too long since I have posted anything!  I was spending my time with family and friends and loving every minute of it!  I am linking up with A Teeny Tiny Teacher, Miss Kindergarten, and Dragonflies in First for their 3rd annual linky!

I have to copy Kristin and say LEGGINGS!  They are my best friend even if my hubby tries to convince me they make me look like I don't have pants on.  I found the best leggings while shopping at the Gap Outlet!  They are thick, comfy, and perfect!  In one day I had 2 teachers come up and ask where I got them!
Stretch knit leggings
Not a movie person, BUT I did go see Anchorman 2 with they hubby last week!  Random fact-this was the first movie we have EVER gone to together...weird!

I LOVE Pretty Little Liars!  It is coming back Jan. 7th!  Can't wait! :)
Obsessed with their burrito bowls.
Honestly, I tired it the day before Winter Break.  I wanted to see how my kiddos would like it, so we tried it on the craziest day of school.  I am happy to report my kiddos LOVED it!  They were so good.  They heard the noise and immediately changed their behavior if they were off task.  I showed our behavior support it and he seemed impressed by it too!
I can't pick a favorite!
I think I have already blogged about this pin, but they were so good!
S'more Croissants
Dino Dig! I remember doing this when I was in school and my kiddos loved it just as much as I did!
Teaching in a new district and getting in the top 10 Free downloads...TWICE! :)
My Favorite Picture and Memory go together.  The hubby and I took a trip to Mexico for our One Year Anniversary!
Like last year, read more books for fun and comment on more blogs.


  1. What a fun post! I love Chipotle bowls too and you favorite pin looks really good! Yum! Congrats on your Top 10 Free Downloads!! That's big to me as I have hardly anything in my TPT store and realize the work involved. I love your first year anniversary picture.

  2. I totally want to see Anchorman 2! The hubs and I were going to go but ended up opting for the second Hobbit movie instead. :) Happy New Year Kimberly, I hope it's as filled with fun as it looks like this year was!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  3. Leggings are my fave too! Just bought a cute reddish looking pair! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. They are the best! Sounds cute! Where did you get them from!?

  4. Looks like you had a great time in Mexico...how fun!! :) Those croissants look deeee-lish!! Def gonna have to make some. I'm going to take your PLL recommendation. I've been looking for some new shows to watch on my iPad while I'm on the elliptical in the wee hours of morning...hoping it'll make the time go by faster!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

    1. I HIGHLY recommend it! There are tons of twists, so I would start at season 1!