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Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer...Say What!?

You heard right!  I was contacted by CleanSmart to review their Alcohol-Free hand sanitzer!  After researching a little, I found out they are a small business from MN!  Sign me up!
CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer

Now let me tell you how amazing this stuff is!  We all know alcohol will not freeze, right?  Well, MN is experiencing some very cold temps and when I pulled my bottles out of the box they were frozen!  They are not lying about this alcohol free stuff!

Now think about all that sanitizer you have at school.  You get a squirt and you can feel your hands getting drier and drier as you are rubbing it in.  This does not happen with CleanSmart!  It feels amazing and does not have that alcohol smell like other sanitizers!
What about those pesky paper cuts?  You know that feeling when you get that sanitzer in a paper cut?  We ALL know that feeling! It happened to me today after I used a fellow teacher's sanitizer. PAIN!  This will not happen with CleanSmart!
I love this stuff and I hope you check it out for yourself!
Don't leave yet!  They sent me two hand sanitizer sprays and two hand sanitzer gels.  That means I will be giving away a gel and a spray to one lucky winner!
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