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Five for Saturday!

My week always seems to go so great and fast, but then Friday comes and I feel like it is the longest day ever!!
1.  My second graders are going to see Charlotte's Web at the children's theater next week.  My poor first graders are still trying to understand it is a 2nd grade field trip only.  One little one's mom came in with a note saying she could go and I had to explain it was only for 2nd grade :(.  The life of a split classroom!  To get ready for the play we did a welcome web! Greeting each other and making a web in the process.
2. My first graders are finding combinations of numbers.  We did a fun little activity where I gave each kiddo a Post it Note with a number on it and matching number of cubes.  They found their combinations and wrote it down on the back.
3.  I had my 2nd graders do it too!  My firsties were testing in the computer lab, so it was just me and the 2nd graders.  Some of my second graders REALLY struggle with this, so it was a good practice!
4.  After one of my guided reading groups a little one hands me this...  How much every teacher should be making :)
5.  If you missed the blog hop earlier this week, head over to my post here and hop around to grab some freebies.  At the end there is a giveaway to win a $35 Target gift card!


  1. We saw Charlotte's Web last year at Wisconsin Lutheran College's Theater and it was SOOO adorable!!! We've read it aloud to first graders for YEARS in our district and it's SUCH a magical book. Now it's a major book in the first 2nd grade unit so we had to give it up. I'm still so sad about that!!!

    Your #4 is PRECIOUS!!!!
    Growing Firsties

  2. Field trips are literally the death of me! I can't imagine explaining that only half of the class is going. We had to tell a parent 6 times (in various forms - newsletter, admin staff, in person) that her younger child couldn't come....and then she called the place where they were going and they said yes. Never mind that it was a school policy! Eeek! I hope everything went well for you.

  3. Love the web! We do that at staff meetings. Ha! xo