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Pumpkin Poems

This week we are reading poems in language arts.  I wanted to do something fun for writing, so we did a pumpkin poem project. 
We read "The Pumpkin Book" and took orange paper and ripped it into the shape of a pumpkin.  My kiddos wanted to use scissors so bad, but I wanted them to rip it!  Some of them were frustrated that they couldn't rip a circle, but we discussed pumpkins can come in different shapes and sizes!
I "tried" to get them to write an acrostic poem, but some just wrote about pumpkins, some wrote the word pumpkin, and some actually wrote a acrostic poem about pumpkins.  I guess if they are writing that is fine by me! :)

 P.S. Did you see I made in the TpT newsletter!?

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