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Word Work and Blogiversary Coming Soon!

I have been revamping my Word Work center like every other week.  I saw these fun sight word dice from Dollar Tree on Granny Goes to School's blog.  
Of course, I went out and got them right away.
I added some scrabble tiles and my kiddos rolled, recorded, and built each word.  It was fun, but some of my kids it was too easy or too hard.  That is when I decided to have my kiddos take their word sorts to the Word Work center...duh, why not?
At our school, we use the Words Their Way program!  I am so new to it, but I am LOVING it!  Everyone has words at their level and they do not get a list of words sent home every week to memorize.  They focus on  word pattern throughout the week and are only tested on that at the end of  the week.  BRILLIANT!
Now, my kiddos take their word sorts to the Word Work and spell the words with the Scrabble tiles.
Last week we had a short week, but in one of our mini lesson we worked with Wiki Stix.  Guess what we added to our Word Work center then...?
Eventually, I want to have baskets with these supplies in them, so when my kiddos go to the center they grab a basket with all these materials and can work with their words.
What do you do for your Word Work center?!

My blogiversary is coming up!  If you are interested in donating a product click here! ( I hope that worked)  I can't believe it has almost been a year since I started this blogging journey!!

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  1. I have a love hate relationship with my word work station...there are so many neat activities my kids can do, but sometimes it's hard to keep them on task. I usually have magnet letters...lower students matching letters and sounds and higher kids spelling CVC words. I also have upper and lower case letter matching puzzles, beginning sound puzzles, and rhyming puzzles. I also put word family games where they match the picture to the word or spell the word with letters. I love your sight word dice! Very cute!

    Teacher At The Wheel

    1. I agree! Some days my kiddos are so on task and some days they are not. That is when I go back to the drawing board to figure out more engaging activities to put in there!

  2. Yay on the upcoming blogiversary!! I filled out your email! ;) or rather the form! LOL

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. Yay! Thanks! I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to make one!